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We’ve been selling our Kitchenwears Aprons since 1997 and during that time we’ve sold over 30 thousand aprons in hundreds of different fabrics, in all 50 states and several foreign countries. New customers keep finding us and we also have some loyal customers who’ve been buying from us all along.

It’s been a great experience, but recently decided it was time to wrap it up and move on to new adventures. Kitchenwears will be going out of business by the end of 2017.

There will be a few more new fabrics added in limited quantities, and also some sale aprons, especially in Girl’s. We still have a fair amount of inventory, so the chances of finding something you like are still pretty good. However, as time goes by, the choices will be limited.
We plan to sell our entire inventory before the end of the year, and will not be doing any shows this fall or during the Christmas season.

Again, THANK YOU, to all our customers who have made so successful!
Thank You to All Our Customers for 20 Great Years
Check out pictures of Kitchenwears aprons through the years
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All Girls aprons:$5.00

Fits sizes 5-10

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